The age of virtual reality appears to be upon us, once again.  There are numerous different devices and content that is expected to start being released in 2016.  There has been a lot of buzz pertaining to Virtual reality for the past few years.  Some of the buzz is being created from the lengthy development of devices, like The Oculus Rift,  but also from the growing public interest in what VR will be able to do to transform the modern era.

The idea of Virtual Reality is certainly not new, but the technology has finally broken through some of the long standing barriers that didn’t allow the general public to experience Virtual Reality in the comfort of their homes or on the go with the use of VR enabled smartphones with compatible VR headsets, such as the Samsung Gear VR.  Our personal computers now also harness the power to have lifelike virtual enviornments at home and that makes it a very more exciting time for virtual reality.  So the question is, is your personal computer VR Ready? Lets find out!

Thankfully, Steam has released a tool that will run tests on your computer to determine whether your computer is VR ready, that tool is the SteamVR Performance Test.  I recently ran the performance test on my computer and i’m happy to say that im VR Ready.






As you can see from the above image that my system performed exceptionally well during the SteamVR Performance Test.  The Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 Ti paired up with the Intel i7-4790K seem to be a match made in heaven.  We will soon begin to start reviewing and grading all the VR headsets coming out , as well as posting budget consious VR ready pc builds.  We would love to see how your computers performed on the SteamVR Performance Test.  Please leave us a comment with your results!