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Author: Smart PC Gaming

The Top Five Choices for a 3D Virtual Reality Headset

We’ve daydreamed about this technology for decades. Still, it’s taken a few years for 3D virtual reality headset sales to catch on with the most gamers. With the increase of innovative ways augmented reality apps are creeping into our phones, more users are interested in VR than ever. For many traditional gamers, the transition from standard screen-based playing to a more VR based engagement can be jarring. The idea of moving around and swinging your body rather than your thumbs is foreign after decades of traditional gaming. If you’re thinking about jumping on the bandwagon for VR gaming, here’s a rundown...

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Does Nvidia Or AMD Make The Best Video Graphics Card ?

Video graphics card requirements have come a long way from the Unreals and the Quake OpenGLs of the early 90’s. With thousands of high-end titles and an endless array of spellbinding graphics, there’s never been a more captivating time to be a gamer. But how do you choose a graphics card to bring out the sparkle in your gaming? Today, we’ll be putting two of the gaming world’s biggest card producers under the microscope. Join us, as we look into performance, price, and software, and find out who comes out on top: Nvidia or AMD. Choosing A Video Graphics Card There’s no getting away from it: video gaming is a multi-billion d ollar industry. With hundreds of new releases every year, major consoles vying for your attention, and a mountain of computer hardware, there’s a lot to digest. And, when it comes to computer rigs, there’s no bigger talking point than the question of graphics cards. For those not in the know, a graphics card is a piece of expansion hardware that goes into your computer and helps your machine process graphics. You might get a machine with one already installed, or you might buy a new one, separately, after the fact. Whatever the case, these cards take complex data from the CPU and translate it into graphics output for your screen. There is a distinction made between these cards and so-called “onboard”...

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The Five Best Gaming PCs For Serious Gamers

Everyone is clamoring for the best gaming PC on the market. But with gaming PCs, it’s not as simple as ‘one over the other.’ Let’s take a look at the best gaming PCs for any type of gamer. 2017 was a relentless year for PC games. Dozens of must-play games hit the market. But you need a top-notch rig to get the most out each experience. You’re a serious gamer. You want the best performance, whether you need or not. You want to have everything you need for the best new games of tomorrow. No need to buy the...

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The 8 Best Gaming Ram Reviews

Every serious gamer knows that having the best gaming RAM is crucial. You need your computer to keep up to speed at all times. The amount of RAM you have is important. You should notice a step up in performance in many cases when upgrading from 4GB to 8GB, for example. But the amount of memory you have isn’t everything. The brand you choose can affect performance too, and ultimately you need to know you’ve chosen reliable RAM modules. Here are the 8 best gaming RAM brands out there, and how they can help you to become victorious. What’s RAM? Why...

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Razer Blade Review 2017

Razer Blade Review Razer is a company that sets its main focus on gamers. That’s how were only available in the beginning, and that is just how it’s continued, even while it makes an attempt to broaden its reach to a far more mainstream audience using its Gunmetal Cutter Stealth and new white peripherals. The Razer Blade laptop comes squarely under the gambling umbrella, although that isn’t its sole goal. It’s the middle child of Razer’s laptop family, nicely settling among the Blade Stealth and Blade Pro. The Stealth is directed to attain a wider customer bottom with its...

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