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Author: Smart PC Gaming

HP Pavilion 500-281 Desktop Review

This gaming PC the HP Pavilion 500-281 Desktop, created by Hewlett-Packard (HP), is far above average in terms of it’s value per dollar ratio! It’s specifications alone, backed by a brand that is well known and trusted, are a wonderful combination. The specifics of this gaming PC are as follows: Intel i3-4130 Processor 3.4GHz 4 GB SDRAM DDR3 1600 1024 GB (7200 rpm Hard Drive) Rotating Speed Windows 7 2 Video Ports (IVGA and IDVI) HD Graphics Intel 4400 Wireless LAN Compatible 1 Year Limited Warranty 1 Year Tech Support Very generous amount of USB ports (Four USB 2.0...

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Lenovo Idea Centre H500 Desktop

  The specifications for this PC are as follows: Intel Pentium J2900 2.41 GHz Processor 4 GB DDR 31600 Ram 1 TB 7200 rpm Hard Drive Windows 8.1 Operating system 8 GB Maximum Memory Supported Five total USB Ports (Four USB 2.0 ports, and One USB 3.0) 1333 MHz Memory Speed DVD RW (DVD Rewritable Drive) 64 Bit Quad Core Processor (While Gaming PCs are available with six, and even eight, processors, a quad core is all you need for most gaming uses). 7 in 1 Card Reader Wireless LAN Enabled 1 Year Warranty From this list, the main...

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Cyberpower PC Gamer Ultra GUA880

Cyberpower PC Gamer Ultra GUA880 When thinking of Gaming PCs price-wise, the Cyberpower PC Gamer Ultra GUA880 is just about as low as it gets. Considering that there are Gaming PCs on the market at ten times the price (or even more!), that’s a catch point for many. The price for the Cyberpower PC Gamer Ultra GUA880 looks great, the PC itself looks great, but it all comes down to what you are actually getting for the price. Well, the Cyberpower PC Gamer Ultra GUA880 has the specifications listed below: 3.80 GHz AMD FX Quad Core Processor (A quad core...

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