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Author: Smart PC Gaming

The 8 Best Gaming Ram Reviews

Every serious gamer knows that having the best gaming RAM is crucial. You need your computer to keep up to speed at all times. The amount of RAM you have is important. You should notice a step up in performance in many cases when upgrading from 4GB to 8GB, for example. But the amount of memory you have isn’t everything. The brand you choose can affect performance too, and ultimately you need to know you’ve chosen reliable RAM modules. Here are the 8 best gaming RAM brands out there, and how they can help you to become victorious. What’s RAM? Why...

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Razer Blade Review 2017

Razer Blade Review Razer is a company that sets its main focus on gamers. That’s how were only available in the beginning, and that is just how it’s continued, even while it makes an attempt to broaden its reach to a far more mainstream audience using its Gunmetal Cutter Stealth and new white peripherals. The Razer Blade laptop comes squarely under the gambling umbrella, although that isn’t its sole goal. It’s the middle child of Razer’s laptop family, nicely settling among the Blade Stealth and Blade Pro. The Stealth is directed to attain a wider customer bottom with its...

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Farpoint Review: Is it worth all the hype

Farpoint Review Farpoint is main video games developed for PlayStation VR that feels as though greater than a tech demonstration, a proof concept, or a normal game with VR features slapped on as an afterthought. That works to its edge, because although it will be a mediocre shooter if you enjoyed it on a standard display, in VR it seems good, especially when you play with the new PlayStation VR Target Controller. Like worthwhile VR game, Farpoint makes concessions for the constraints of virtual certainty. For instance, in report missions opponents only ever before come at you from leading,...

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NBA Playgrounds Review: Is this the next NBA Jam?

NBA PLAYGROUNDS REVIEW The new licensed game from the NBA is NBA Playgrounds, and whether it’s fair or not, it immediately draws a comparison to NBA Street and NBA Jam.  So the question that nostalgic gamers have to ask themselves is can this game really compare to the culture changing games of yesteryear? If you approach NBA Playgrounds expecting the same game as NBA Jams, you will be disappointed, but that doesn’t mean that this isn’t a good game on its own.  They definitely share some similarities, NBA Playgrounds is a two on two games features real stars.  It...

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The Best Budget Gaming Mouse for MMOs

The Best Budget Gaming Mouse for MMOs MMOs are great but you know what sucks? Playing MMOs with a low-quality mouse. Thankfully there are plenty of fantastic options if you are looking for a budget gaming mouse. Faulty sensors, a sticky wheel, and frequent disconnections are all signs that it might just be time to get a new one. It will come as no surprise to you that a high-quality mouse can actually improve your gaming experience and performance. That’s why we have created this guide on how to choose a great gaming mouse without breaking the bank. Let’s...

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