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There are 18 Quintillion Worlds in No Man’s Sky: Here’s How They Did It

  18 quintillion. Yes, you read that right. Believe it or not, No Man’s Sky has a virtually unlimited number of planets. And they’re not just sitting on the disc, in the cloud, or on your drive. So, how does No Man’s Sky work? They’re actually being generated by you, as you explore them. How? Some amazing – and, chaotic – algorithms. That you’re creating the universe as you play is already pretty mind-blowing, but let’s take it even one step further. After you visit and leave a planet, the data from that planet completely disappears. It’s not saved within the game for...

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AOC 24″ G2460PF Gaming Monitor Review

AOC 24″ G2460PF Gaming Monitor Review Shiny purchase time! Among the many other reviews we have up I’ll go over this recent offering from AOC. It’s got all the characteristics of a solid gaming monitor – decent size at 24 inches to support 1920×1080, fantastic 1ms response time and a very respectable 144Hz refresh rate. A final critical point is that it is one of the few decent monitors in the market with these characteristics that also supports AMD Freesync which is what I’ll go over first.     Freesync The easiest way to describe what AMD Freesync is...

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CUK MSI Nightblade PC for Gamers Review: Upping Your Gaming Experience

The CUK MSI Nightblade PC features impressive upgrades when compared to past models, but these changes are mainly internal. The exterior offers the traditional compact design as past CUK models and not many changes that stand out. The Nightblade gaming PC is a heavyweight model that’s designed for the avid gamer who enjoys modern games with demanding graphics. CUK MSI Nightblade PC for Gamers Review: Specs and Features Inside the CUK MSI Nightblade you’ll find the Core i7 processor and a GTX 970 graphics card, which has a reputation for handling even the most demanding games with ease. This is a...

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Alienware X51 AX51R3-1510 Desktop Review

The Alienware X51 AX51R3-1510 is a compact system that’s a huge favorite in the gaming community, thanks to the large storage capacity Skylake CPU and a decent GPU. A dependable model that offers a solid performance, this desktop can handle even the newest games with style and ease. This newest model from Alienware rated well with consumers, thanks to the affordable pricing you normally wouldn’t expect from a gaming PC with such a high-quality graphics card and top of the line processor. This is definitely a model that has a little something to offer everyone, whether you need a...

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One of my fondest gaming memories as a child was playing side scrolling brawlers such as Streets of Rage or Metal slug,  For some reason beating waves and waves of enemies, whether it was hand to hand or weapon combat, was a very satisfying feeling to me.  Luckily for me numerous independent game developers also had the same experience and are now beginning to publish the same type of brawlers that I used to love as a child.  ZHEROS from Italian group Rimlight Studios is exactly the type of game I remember loving as a child.   Like all good brawlers of my past, ZHEROS has a very simple story line.  It involves a Sci – fi universe in which you can control the two members of the Zheros squad,  Mike and Captain Dorian.  These two character must work together to defeat the evil Dr. Vendetta.  A very classic villain who wants to transform the universe into his own personal playground.  In order to defeat him you must destroy his ever growing army of robots.  The story has a few funny moments and the two main characters keep things lighthearted.  While the cut scenes won’t necessarily make your jaw drop from the amazing visuals they are entertaining and appreciated. The gameplay in Zheros is what you would expect from a brawler.  You take on ever-increasing numbers of enemies using...

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