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Mad Games Tycoon Review

Mad Games Tycoon Review Mad Games has been updated once again and while it is still in early release, it is simply one of the best Video Game RPGs available and I highly recommend it… We have also updated our review. Please check out our new Mad Games Tycoon Review by click HERE Update: 1.160915A – 1.160924A [email protected] September 24, 2016 3 1.160915A – 1.160924A: – Office-Doors added. – Head Office: “Coordinate Project” added (increases the speed). – You can now save up to 11 Save Games. – License engines: NPCs should note the genre more. – Game Concept...

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My Custom Build

    As many of you know building custom pc gaming systems is a passion of mine and our whole team here at Smart PC Gaming.  I recently posted a few pictures on Instagram of my own personal custom build.  A lot of our users liked it and wanted to know what parts I used.  I wanted to make a system that was future proof and that I was able to upgrade over time, especially when the new Nvidia PASCAL GPUs come out.  To achieve this I went with a full case.  I know that in the future I...

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Are You VR Ready?

  The age of virtual reality appears to be upon us, once again.  There are numerous different devices and content that is expected to start being released in 2016.  There has been a lot of buzz pertaining to Virtual reality for the past few years.  Some of the buzz is being created from the lengthy development of devices, like The Oculus Rift,  but also from the growing public interest in what VR will be able to do to transform the modern era. The idea of Virtual Reality is certainly not new, but the technology has finally broken through some of the...

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Cheap Gaming Computers 2016

Building cheap gaming computers doesn’t mean settling for mediocre hardware. This is kind of hard to believe since the gaming world is has a growing demand for exceptional graphics and extensive gaming time and experience, which are both expensive. If you have a type budget, here are some ideas for you so that you’ll get the quality you want. In the first place, building your own gaming PC (already VR-ready for VR headsets) for saves you money (zero labor cost), from $3000 to around $600. That’s a huge leap. This article will share only insights on the PC parts...

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Tom Clancy’s The Division Open Beta – Developer Tips

As im sure you already know the Division open beta has gone live on the xbox one today and will be followed by the Playstation 4 and the PC tomorrow morning, Februrary 19th.  The open beta will be continue through the weekend coming to an end on Sunday February 21st.  Ubisoft has released videos from the developers to get players get the best experience from one of highest anticipated games of the year.  The videos go over Dark Zone Currency, Mega Map Matchmaking, the Consumable Wheel and customizing the UI.  The Division is coming out March 8th, 2016 for...

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