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Author: Smart PC Gaming

The Good Robot Preview

The Good Robot is a shoot – em up style game that brings back memories of arcade games from the ’80s. We were able to get our hands on an Alpha version of the game to try out before its scheduled April 2016 release date. In the game you’re a robot, a good robot, that flies around shooting up different enemies while raking up points and money to purchase upgrades and hats! The Good Robot has numerous different enemy robots that are trying to kill you. The controls of the good robot allow you the freedom to fly around in...

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The Culling Early Access Preview

The Culling from Xaviant Games is quickly rising up the steam charts.  One of the reason why it is doing so well is because it is a brand new game that is built around the Battle Royal situations found in Hunger games and Running Man.  Many ideas are lifted directly from those films including but not limited to silly haircuts and lots of crafting. Lets dive deeper to see what all the rage is about.  At the beginning of each match 16 players are dropped into a vast area with many different biomessuch as grasslands, forests, and lakes totally...

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Forced Showdown Review

Update: 4/2/2016: Forced Showdown has been released to an expected critical acclaim.  BetaDwarf held a twitch video event leading up to the release of Forced Showdown.  The response from the community was outstandingly positive with more then 110,000 hours streamed on twitch and to reward its user base Forced Showdown released with a 12% discount bringing the initial price of the game to an incredible low price of $17.59.  Also update 40 is now live on steam which brings with it many fixes and performance enhancements.  Continue reading to find out what my initial impressions of the game.   Forced...

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Vortex Attack Review

Are you looking for a game that will hit you a feeling of 80s nostalgia while at the same time giving you fits of rage due to its difficulty being cranked up through the roof? Then Vortex Attack is the game for you! Vortex Attack is a game PC only game released by Kaleido games that instantly reminds us older gamers of the hours spent playing Galaga, but Vortex Attack takes the action to a level Galaga could never even dream of. I went into this review considering myself an avid Galaga pro but I never expected Vortex Attack...

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Mad Games Tycoon Review

Mad Games Tycoon Review Mad Games has been updated once again and while it is still in early release, it is simply one of the best Video Game RPGs available and I highly recommend it… We have also updated our review. Please check out our new Mad Games Tycoon Review by click HERE Update: 1.160915A – 1.160924A [email protected] September 24, 2016 3 1.160915A – 1.160924A: – Office-Doors added. – Head Office: “Coordinate Project” added (increases the speed). – You can now save up to 11 Save Games. – License engines: NPCs should note the genre more. – Game Concept...

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