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Mobility is on the rise in nearly every market, and the gaming industry is no exception. That’s why today’s post is about the best lapboards to use for gaming in comfort.

Once you decide whether to go with a gaming console or PC and determine which system is right for you, you can cater your accessories to your preferred gaming experience.

If you’ve chosen the PC route (which is argued to be less expensive and easier to make upgrades with) or use a steam machine or streaming device, then you’ve probably considered them.

Thanks to lapboards—keyboards with a built-in mousepad—gamers now have the luxury of playing from their couch.

Like traditional keyboard-and-mouse setups, they provide a level of precision not found on most controllers.

But unlike traditional keyboards and mousepads, which require a flat surface and a lot of stability, lapboards are designed with the user experience in mind.

Like most technology products, the lapboard business is filled with many different options and competitors.

That being said, no two lapboards are the same. Though you’ll probably see similar buzzwords in their descriptions, these peripherals offer completely different experiences.

All of this noise can make it difficult to know which products are worth investing in and which are not.

In this article, we break down the best lapboards for couch gaming.

But first, it’s important to understand what factors to look for in a lapboard.

Things to Consider in a Lapboard

When comparison shopping, be mindful of the following factors:

  • Price point
  • Comfortability
  • Size of mousepad area
  • Keyboard shape
  • Weight
  • Switch type
  • Wireless options (believe it or not, not all lapboards are outfitted to be wireless)

You should also be aware that not all lapboards come with a keyboard or mousepad. The Corsair Lapdog is a prime example, but we’ll get to that later.

Now, onto the products!

The Best Lapboards

Below, in no particular order, are the lapboards with the best (read: most positive) user reviews and feedback.

Roccat Sova

Gaming fans were anxious for the release of this product, considering it was announced nearly two years before its release date.

And since gamers have been raving about it in reviews, it seems to have been well worth the wait.

The Roccat Sova was built with comfort in mind.

Not only does the lapboard have an ergonomic shape, but it’s made from a durable blend of fiber and plastic, along with a cushioned underside for your lap — four removable cushions to adjust as you’d like.

The product also has a wrist-rest, which beats slabs of plastic grinding against lower arms.

The Sova includes an 11″ by 9.5″ built-in area for an external mouse and features two USB ports for additional device connectivity. Fortunately, if you don’t already have one, the Sova includes a Roccat mouse as part of the bundle.

Like most other Roccat products, the Sova features key backlighting.

For customization purposes, the product is available in two varieties: one with a mechanical keyboard and another with a membrane keyboard. This basically determines whether or not there’s spacing between the keys.

Keys and switches—the mechanisms underneath the keys that result in how the keys click—result in a big difference in your gaming experience.

The Sova uses TTC brown switches, which means the key clicks are audible but quieter than some prefer. It’s really quite subjective.

(If you’re not sure which type suits you, check out this in-depth guide on mechanical keyboard switches for gamers.)

Roccat also lets gamers customize their colors, mousepad and wrist-rest materials, and includes 3D printable options.

One thing users should be aware of is the Sova’s keyboard adjustability. Because the device offers a narrow keyboard (it’s measured at 25.25″) to fit on your lap, the order of keys will be different than you might be used to.

As for price point, the Sova costs $199.99 for the mechanical keyboard version, and $149.99 for the membrane keyboard version.


Corsair Lapdog

Unlike a real lapdog, the Corsair Lapdog is hefty.

At 29″ wide, it’s a thick device. To be fair, this dimension includes a memory foam cushion that goes on the underside of the device.

The Lapdog features a good sized mousepad area and keyboard dock (11″ by 11″), a hidden compartment for cable storage, and a USB 3.0 hub for hookups.

As we mentioned in the beginning of this post, the Corsair Lapdog can be sold as a standalone station.

If you go this route, you get the basic infrastructure of the device with a mousepad area, the memory foam, and a slot to place your keyboard in.

Unlike the Sova, this peripheral is not sold with a mouse.

Upgrading to a bundle will cost you more, but includes four different packages to choose from. The difference is in the key switch type and other minor, preferential aspects.

Gamers can choose from Corsair’s K70 RGB type with Cherry MX speed or from K70 LUX versions. The LUX options include Cherry MX red, Cherry MX blue, and Cherry MX brown.

Without the bundle, just including the lapdog, will cost you $119.99. Bundles are priced at $199.99 for the LUX and $249.99 for the RGB.

However, price points get more expensive if you decide to purchase without the bundle option.


Razer Turret

The Razer Turret is focused on the precision aspect of gaming.

For starters, the keyboard includes full anti-ghosting. This ensures that when multiple keys are pressed at the same time, they will all work properly.

Unlike the Lapdog, the Turret comes with a gaming mouse that’s outfitted with a 3500 DPI sensor.

The mouse mat on this lapboard is magnetic, which is good for making sure your mouse doesn’t slip during intense gaming sessions.

The Turret includes wireless connectivity through Bluetooth LE, but the product also comes with a wireless adaptor to connect to your PC.

Other advantages of this peripheral include its slim size, making it easier to store when you’re done using it, and built-in lithium polymer batteries. Batteries allegedly last up to four months on the keyboard and up to 40 non-stop hours on the mouse.

The Turret bundle, which costs $159.99, comes with the mouse and lapboard, a wireless 2.4GHz adapter, and a charging dock and wall adaptor.

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iSkelter HoverX+

Other lapdesks for gaming, such as iSkelter’s HoverX+ LapDesk, provide a sexy design—in this case, with a high-quality bamboo—but do not come with a keyboard or mouse. Instead, it’s more of a central hub for your own laptop and mouse.

The HoverX+ can fit 17″ laptops and includes a huge mousepad area at 10.29″ by 10.55″, whereas the Lapdesk is fit for 13″ to 15″ laptops.

There are several advantages to using a lapboard for gaming, including accuracy and precision, comfort, and convenience. Choosing the right one for you is instrumental for upping your game.

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