CUK MSI NightbladeThe CUK MSI Nightblade PC features impressive upgrades when compared to past models, but these changes are mainly internal. The exterior offers the traditional compact design as past CUK models and not many changes that stand out. The Nightblade gaming PC is a heavyweight model that’s designed for the avid gamer who enjoys modern games with demanding graphics.

CUK MSI Nightblade PC for Gamers Review: Specs and Features

Inside the CUK MSI Nightblade you’ll find the Core i7 processor and a GTX 970 graphics card, which has a reputation for handling even the most demanding games with ease. This is a powerful model that features the Core i76700k processor which offers four cores and an impressive speed of 4 GHZ. It’s also able to go up to 4.2 with the use of turbo. This type of processor offers the type of speed and power you need in a gaming model, even when turned up to ultra-settings mode. So now you can enjoy crisp clean graphics, without your game lagging or freezing during mid-play. This model also boasts some pretty impressive storage space with its three TB hard drive and the 250 GB SSD card. Most models in this price range will usually offer just 1 TB of space, so this is definitely a huge selling point for the Nightblade.

The CUK MSI Nightblade’s high end graphics card features 4 GB of GDDR5 memory, which means you can play any game and it’ll run smoothly on high settings.

Keep in mind that the desktops PSU is at 350 W, which means it can’t support a heavier graphics card, so if you’re a gamer that enjoys upgrading their graphics card from time to time, this model may not be the best option for you.

A model that’s equipped with a ton of ports, you find a couple of USB ports on the rear, in addition to four 3.0 USB ports and one type C 3.1 USB port. Located on the front of the model you’ll notice two 2.0 ports, and two 3.0 ports, as well as one type C 3.1 port. This amount of ports is significantly more than what you’ll find on traditional models. It’s also equipped with HDMI outputs and display port, so you can connect a number of monitors.  

If you’re really into gaming, this is a model that has it all. But the fast processer also allows you to use this desktop as a multitasking device, without the fear of it overheating. It can easily handle tough programs such as Photoshop and other types of photo editing programs.

The Nightblade offers some impressive features and specs that give it the ability to run a wide range of games smoothly, while also allowing the user to listen to music or enjoy movies using the built-in DVD burner.

This model is considered one of the most affordable high quality gaming PCs around and it’s designed for both multitasking and gaming, so its versatility it also what makes it such a popular option.

The manufacturer also gives the consumer the option to customize their model with Mystic Light. The lighting effects found on the housing can be changed to look like ice by turning the lighting blue or made to look like fire by switching the lighting to red. You can also choose between static mode, no lights at all, music and gaming mode, gradient mode or breathing mode, allowing you to set the tone for your gaming or movie watching experience.

Pros and Cons as Provided by Consumers

CUK MSI Nightblade2Pros: The CUK MSI Nightblade  has a i7 processor and the unique storage drive setup allows you to enjoy a wide range of games and software programs with ease. The graphics card is powerful enough to handle most modern games. The slick black and red housing allow this model to truly stand out from the competition and the overall design allows you to easily fit the tower in smaller spaces. According to consumers, the cooling system on this gaming model is pretty amazing. Inside, you’ll find a couple of separate chambers, each of which take care of cooling down different components. The silent storm cooling design system ensures that the temperature of your PC always stays within the safe range, even when you’re multitasking or playing a more demanding game. It’s also quiet running, even in smaller spaces. Aside from the traditional USB charger you’ll also find the super charger two. The super charger two offers more power compared to the traditional USB charger, allowing you to power up a wide range of devices efficiently and quickly. This feature works to totally eliminate the need for wall outlets, providing you with easy access to power up your laptops, tablets, cameras and other devices.

Cons: Some consumers mentioned issues they experienced with the PC’s Wi-Fi card and the speakers. As reported by users, a defective Wi-Fi card will stop working within just a few weeks, preventing users from accessing the internet. The speakers, as some users reported, would simply stop working in a matter of months. Should you run into either of these issues we recommend contacting the manufacturer immediately. Consumers noted that the customer service team was quick to respond and offer to replace the entire tower or ship replacement speakers.

Conclusion and Rating

Consumers gave the CUK MSI Nightblade  a rating of four out of five stars for the graphics card, storage space, processor power and overall quality. This model would have received a perfect five star score if not for the issues with the defective Wi-Fi card and speakers, which is an issue that isn’t very common. As we have mentioned, this is a model that was built for the avid gamer and it definitely delivers the type of gaming experience you want and need in order to enjoy challenging modern games. The Nightblade lets you enjoy a superior online gaming experience and can even handle a wide range of multitasking, making it the perfect, compact all-in-one gaming model. A very versatile desktop housed in a compact design, the Nightblade is a steal for the price.

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