Do You Really Need to Use a Gaming Mouse Pad?

The quality of PC gaming increases – and gets more and more complex – with every year.

In fact, in spite of what you may have heard, your computer is still the most popular gaming platform in the world, with 56% of gamers booting up their computers to play.

This has led to a rise in popularity of computer accessories that aim to make your gaming experience even more awesome.

These days, lots of gamers are using a gaming mouse pad to take their gaming computer play to the next level.

If you’ve considered getting a gaming mousepad, you likely have a few questions.

Is it worth it? What are the benefits? Which brands should I check out?

In this post, we’re telling you everything you need to know about gaming mouse pads.

What Are The Benefits Of A Gaming Mousepad?

Gaming mouse pads have tons of benefits and can offer your serious advantages that a traditional mouse just can’t.

First, a gaming mouse pad can greatly extend the life of your mouse. Be honest: how many times have you jerked, slammed, and clicked like crazy in the middle of a game?

Over time, this can do some real damage to your mouse if you’re not careful.

Luckily, gaming mouse pads are often smoother than traditional mouse pads, which means that the gliding pads can take a lot more wear and tear.

This specialized mouse pad will also stop things from blocking your sensor. Especially if you’re a gamer, it’s not hard for debris from your desk’s surface, a traditional mousepad, and yes, even food, to get stuck in your mousepad.

Gaming mousepads prevent this.

Also, a special mouse pad for gaming gives you better sensor feedback – meaning you’ll see your accuracy improve.

This is because these mouse pads are usually made to minimize your overall surface friction. This means your moves will be much more precise.

Finally, these mouse pads can do a lot to make your overall gaming experience more comfortable!

Since they’re much larger in size than the traditional mouse (some even cover the area underneath your keyboard) you’ll be able to rest your arms on the pad instead of the hard surface of your desk.

What Should I Look For In A Gaming Mousepad?

Now that you know the many benefits of specialized gaming mousepads, let’s talk about what you need to look for when you buy one.

The most important thing?

Make sure that the actual padding of the mouse is fairly thick. If you go for an option that’s too thin, then you really won’t see much of a difference between it and your regular mouse.

Also, you need to make sure you’ve chosen an option that will fit well within the amount of available space on your desk. Luckily, on today’s market many mousepads come in lots of different sizes, so it’s easy to find something that works.

Just make sure you’ll still have enough room to move your mouse pretty freely over the pad. You should aim for a mousepad that’s more than 5 inches long if you want to see the benefits of a special gaming mouse pad.

Additionally, be sure you’ve asked about the materials of the mousepad you’re considering. Unlike a normal mouse pad, which is made of thin rubber and the covered by a piece of fabric, your gaming mouse can come in a variety of materials.

Look for layers of aluminum, glass, plastic, and thicker rubber to get the real benefits.

Finally, make sure you’ve chosen a mousepad that you know isn’t going to slip and slide around when you make rapid, hard movements. Look for options that have a non-slick base.

What Are The Top Gaming Mouse Pads?

So, what are some of the top brands out there?

Let’s take a look.

Logitech G440

This is one of the most competitive hard mouse pads on the market. This mouse pad has an extra-thick rubber base, so it will always stay in place.

It’s made from tons of micro-textures, which help to create the ideal level of resistance. It also measures about 13.4″ by 11″, so you’ll have plenty of room to move around!

Corsair MM300 Extended

If you’re into oversized mouse pads, then this is the perfect fit for you. It can fit both your keyboard and your mouse and is created with stitched edges to stop the pad from fraying.

It’s even 3 millimeters thick, so you’ll be comfortable and control at all times. Especially if you have an oversize keyboard, this is a good one to go with.

Roccat Taito Control

If you want a great mouse pad, but are on a budget, then this is a great option.

This pad is created from both rubber composites and synthetic fabric, which helps to make it especially durable. If you frequently make tiny movements and need a lot of accuracy, then go with this pad.

It’s also elegant, rimmed in a bright blue trim.

Corsair MM800 RGB Polaris

This is one of the pricier pads on the market, but we think it’s well worth the cost.

It’s especially popular for being one of the first and few light-up mouse pads out there! But it’s not all about looks. It’s created with a micro-fiber texture so that even longer drags will still be accurate.

It also works great for smaller movements, meaning this is an incredibly versatile pad.

Where Can I Find Mousepads For Gamers?

In the end, whether or not you should get a special mouse pad for your gaming computer comes down to personal preference, and sometimes even the types of games you play.

If you’ve been known to take your frustration out on your mouse, or if you’re a fan of hyper-competitive games, then it’s probably a great investment for you.

So, where can you find the best mouse pads for gamers?

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