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Last year we had the pleasure of reviewing mad games tycoon while it was still in steam early access.  The game was fantastic back when we reviewed it and it was slated to come out of steam early access, that’s why I was so surprised when I re-downloaded the game earlier this week and found out that it was still in early access.

If a game has been in early access for over a year, the first thought you would have is that the developer has abandoned the project and no further updates were being released.  Fortunately, that couldn’t be further from the truth with Mad Games Tycoon.  In fact, a new update was release just this week.  So lets dive in and see what new enhancements have been made since our last time exploring this fantastic game developer game.

Update: 1.170424A

Update: 1.160926A – 1.161107A

Mad Games Tycoon: Whats New

Now lets discuss the many obvious differences that I noticed while playing Mad Games Tycoon.

mad games tycoon

One of major new features is the ability to automatically place objects when constructing new rooms.  You simply select the quality of the items you want placed in the room by using the star menu to the right of the option.  Then you click on which room you want whether its Development,production, or any of the other rooms available to help you achieve your next superb video game. Once you decide on a room you drag your mouse to select the size that you prefer and then place the door.  Now, the game will automatically fill the room to capacity with work stations, and it will also add misc items such as first aid kits and fire extinguishers.  This is a fantastic feature because filling up each room with the appropriate items took a very long time and got repetitive extremely quickly.  This options alleviates the intense micro managing and allows you to focus on making games and making money! While this can be seen as a very small mundane change, the effect it has is paramount once you start playing.

mad games tycoon

Another game changing feature in Mad Games Tycoon is the ability to place your employees in groups.  While this also would seem like a small change, It really makes a huge difference.  Since the employees that you hire in the beginning of the game are low level, you must train them to get their attributes up so that they can perform better in their tasks.  The ability to put them in groups allows you to send specific groups to the training room so that they can be improved.  It also allows you to send a whole group back to work once the training is complete. I was very happy to see this feature added to the game because this was something that I wished for while playing the game during our review last year.
mad games tycoon mad games tycoon

Continuing the trend of small but game changing features in Mad Games Tycoon, the ability to automatically keep on researching certain items or automatically continue doing contract work is also huge.  This allows you to “set it and forget it”. This is especially useful when researching game topic and genres.  There are about 200 different topics to research and having to click on research on each one individually can become very tedious.  This new feature really allows you to focus on the main point of the game which is hiring a great staff and making great games.

mad games tycoon

As you can see from the picture above Mad Games Tycoon can get overwhelming and extremely fast.  You have numerous departments that need to be on the same page to be able to produce the best game possible.

mad games tycoon review

I have been extremely successful in the game as you can see by my money and fans, but Im still chasing the unicorn that is a 100% review on one of my games.  98% is the closest I have been able to achieve.  While we absolutely loved Mad Games Tycoon last year while it was in early access, the changes that have been made to the core game play make us love it even more! You can revisit our initial review of MGT by clicking here

Update: This game has in fact come out of early access. It is still one of our highest rated games!

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