pc gamingIt’s a big question in the gaming world — should you go console or PC?

There are fans on either side of the aisle — but when the chips are down, PC gaming is the cheapest and the best way for a lot of gaming fans to not only run many different games but enjoy different game play experiences.

Sometimes people say that console gaming is cheaper. If they are, they aren’t looking at the whole picture.

Here are some reasons why it pays to go PC:

The Cost of Games

In a lot of cases, console makers push up the price of game cartridges.

Think about what it costs to make a console: There’s the cost of building the thing, the planning and engineering that goes into the process. And, at the end of the day, they’re going to want to make money on games to cover these costs.

Yes, you might pay more for the actual computer than you do for a console, in the beginning, but in a lot of cases, you can find game versions that are cheaper online or on a PC.

A Diversity of Games

Some gamers point out that if you only want to play one game for hours and hours at a time, a console might offer you those individual options at a cheaper price.

When you go PC, though, you open yourself up to playing a lot of different games without spending as much money.

Again, there are a lot of games available for low prices online.

Maybe you found a Steam sale where your favorite game is now a lot cheaper through your account.

Maybe you found out there’s a beta version of a developing game you can play for free, or for a low price.

This is the kind of thing you’re going to find in the PC gaming world but you’ll never find on a console.

The reason is because console makers have to make money through the games, and they can’t release alternatives as easily over the console platform. It’s simply not built the same way as a computer.

Extra Game Features

Maybe you want more game functionality – and console makers don’t offer it for free.

Multiplayer is a good example — it might be harder for console makers to route multiplayer features through the console, so they charge more.

With a PC, the game software just links up to the Internet. That doesn’t cost anything, so game makers don’t have to push the cost on to you.

Multiple Controllers — The Controller Gateway

Here’s another simple way that PC gaming is cheaper.

Suppose you want to play with a different controller — you want a joystick instead of a mouse.

With console gaming, you’re stuck with the controllers that they give you.

Why? Because a lot of console makers don’t use a USB connection.

It’s a simple engineering trick, but it’s one that forces you to spend a lot of extra money.

Creating a customized plug-in for controllers means that you can’t just swap out a joystick or a mouse or a button control.

However, PCs are engineered to accept any controller — although you might need a driver for some of them.

This brings us to our next point on why PC gaming can be a lot cheaper and are effective than using a console.

Modding and Upgrades

With the console, if you want to upgrade your gaming experience, you have to buy a whole new system.

With a PC, you can easily make modifications or upgrade aspects of your game experience without getting a whole new box.

You can add memory to a PC and you can add speed and functionality without buying everything again from scratch.

Buying all of those controllers and games costs a lot of money, so you don’t have to reinvest in an entire console upgrade.

As for “modding” or changing an aspect of the game, you can also do that easily through code in a lot of cases – or it may be easier for game engineers to hand you these little changes.

Yes, consoles might have some cheats or special features, but only those that engineers have built to allow you to use.

If you are able to work through code over a PC platform, you might be able to make other changes that aren’t possible in console gaming, whether that means making your favorite character into a new avatar, or jumping a couple of levels with a cheat.

pc gaming

A Multi-Use Tool

Here’s another interesting point.

In addition to gaming, you also use your computer for a lot of other things.

You might do homework on a PC, or register for classes, or even just write emails to colleges.

You might do graphic design, or pursue some other kind of hobby.

You do all of this on a PC, but in most cases, you don’t do much of it on a console. So, when it comes to pouring money into gaming, wouldn’t you want to put that money into a platform that you can also use for other kinds of entertainment or work?

When you pay for console and accessories, you’re paying for something that you mostly use for gaming.

When you think about these big reasons to choose PC gaming, you realize how versatile and easy it is to keep playing and keep enjoying different game environments on a computer.

So don’t be afraid to get into the PC gaming world – you might have to learn some new things, like how to connect controllers through USB, or how to sign up for online game options.

It might not be as easy to start a game, and you might have to do more shopping research.

In the end, though, you probably won’t go back to playing on a console.

Computer gaming offers so many options. It’s an open market and one that you can use to customize your gaming to be the way that you want it to be. And it can leave you with a lot more money for other things, too.



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