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The SkyTech Archangel ultra-gamer desktop computer is rated as one of the top gaming computers to date, thanks to the unique techy design, impressive graphics card and the six core AMD FX processor which offers 3.5 GHz speed. Just the housing itself is enough to sell many gamers on this fun, yet powerful model that’s also impressively fast. SkyTech Archangel Ultra Gamer Desktop is as a model that can handle most types of newer, more demanding games and offers this desktop to the public at a more affordable price than what most people have come to expect from a high quality gaming model. With a cool, futuristic look and a faster processor than what you would expect for the price, it comes as no surprise that many avid gamers gave this model such as high user rating. Like with most desktops, you may run into some issues during setup, or experience lags during a challenging game, but the Archangel has a reputation for its ability to multitask making this a computer that can be highly utilized by the whole family.

Often, a gamer will look for a desktop that features a fast processer, a ton of storage and focus on the all-important graphics card. When it comes to the quality of the graphics card in this model, there has been some debate over its capabilities, but most consumers can agree that it has an impressive ability to play many newer games compared to other PCs in this price range.

SkyTech Archangel Ultra Game Desktop Review: Specs and Features

Featuring a blue, black and white design, the powerful processer can go from 3.5 GHz up to 4.1 using turbo boost. The hard drive is a 1 TB serial ATA, which provides the user with a ton of storage. At 7200 RPM, you’ll have a desktop model that’s significantly faster than the average 5400 RPM, which is what most desktops in this price range have to offer.

The graphics card is high quality enough to allow you to play most of the latest video games at a higher setting, offering acceptable frame rates per second when set at a higher resolution. Now, you can finally play more graphic demanding games without losing out on resolution quality or having to deal with a frozen screen. Because of the speed this beast offers you can also enjoy recording and streaming lag-free.

When it comes to connectivity, you’ll have 24x DVD RW optical driver, and an HDMI output, a couple of USB cables, one DVI output and two 3.0 USB ports which provide faster data transfer time. And of course, this desktop is wireless ready.

This desktop weighs in at just twenty-one pounds and comes with a mouse and keyboard. Both the mouse and keyboard are pretty basic, so you may want to update these components to the style and type that work best for your gaming experience.

The Archangel also features a one year warranty on all parts and lifetime technical support.

What Consumers had to Say about the Archangel

SkyTech Archangel Ultra Gamer 2 picPros: Consumers who purchased the SkyTech Archangel Ultra Gamer Desktop describe the graphics card as decent, however, it may not have the type of power and quality you’re looking for if you play games such as World of Warcraft. Although some users did note that it handled the higher resolution settings well for games such as Minecraft and League of Legends. This model’s processor is one of its top selling points, featuring the FX 300, which is the same type of processor most consumers choose when building a custom model. The one year product warranty also works to encourage consumers to purchase this model, an option that isn’t typically available on custom built desktops. According to some users, they are able to consistently get a sixty plus frame rate with each use. Overall, the desktop is easy to setup and boosts up fast. Most consumers who are not very tech savvy noted that the instructions were well laid out and simple to follow. Should you run into any issues when using the Archangel, consumers were happy to report that the SkyTech customer support team were fast to respond and very helpful when it came to troubleshooting or setup issues. Some users also reported 5 300fps on all the games they played when the resolution was adjusted at the maximum settings.

Cons: Many consumers felt that a custom made PC could offer many of the same advantages as this pre-built model at a slightly lower cost. For top graphics games you may need to tweak the settings, turning the resolution down to medium/low. Other consumers reported having random issues such as poorly functioning VGA output and audio jacks. At times, the desktop can also have issues when brought off sleep mode, requiring the user to restart the computer. The included mouse also has some issues and doesn’t always respond to clicks, so you may be better off purchasing a new mouse or using your old one. Whether or not this model is worth a shot seems to vary from user to user and heavily depends on whether you prefer custom built PCs or premade models. The Archangel has just as much to offer but could use a better quality graphics card that would allow the user to play a wider range of games.

Conclusion and Rating

The SkyTech Archangel Ultra Gamer Desktop is best described as a good gaming desktop for the price, this model is great at multitasking, runs fast and comes with Windows 10 preinstalled. It can handle most games you throw at it, making it a steal for the price. Consumers gave this model a rating of five out of five stars for easy setup, processor speed, storage room and overall quality. With so much positive feedback, the Archangel is definitely worth a second look.  Even for those die hard gamers that prefer to have their PC custom built, this model has a lot to offer at a price that’s affordable and a design that’s nothing short of impressive.

Update 3/18/2017: The SkyTech Archangel has been updated in a huge way for 2017, by equipping its new models with an NVidia 1050Ti graphics card.  The new upgrade brings the price up from 599.99 to 679.99.  This is a fantastic deal, due to the fact that if you were to buy the graphics card individually it would set you back $147.99.  The NVidia 1050 Ti features NVidia’s new pascal chip set and allows you to run your favorite games on Ultra @ 1080P.  This is a fantastic deal and if you haven’t already purchased the previous model of the Archangel then you should definitely pick this one up!


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