best gaming RAM

Every serious gamer knows that having the best gaming RAM is crucial. You need your computer to keep up to speed at all times.

The amount of RAM you have is important. You should notice a step up in performance in many cases when upgrading from 4GB to 8GB, for example.

But the amount of memory you have isn’t everything. The brand you choose can affect performance too, and ultimately you need to know you’ve chosen reliable RAM modules.

Here are the 8 best gaming RAM brands out there, and how they can help you to become victorious.

What’s RAM? Why is it Important?

RAM stands for Random Access Memory. It’s a storage component that temporarily holds information about data being used by applications while you’re using the computer.

Being able to quickly access this data is key to fast performance. The faster your RAM is, the faster your computer will run — in principle. Other components matter too.

RAM is especially important to gamers because games use such a large amount of data so quickly. Having fast RAM is the difference between keeping up or experiencing “slowdown”– which we all know is incredibly frustrating.

That’s a real crash course in how RAM works. Yet, there’s much more to it than this. Heed our recommendations and you won’t have to worry about doing too much research yourself. But do make sure any RAM module you buy will fit your motherboard before you make a purchase!

1. Crucial and Ballistix

Crucial produces several series of RAM, one of which is the highly reliable Ballistix range. The Ballistix Sport, Tactical and Elite series are optimized to meet gaming needs.

They promise more speed, elevated integrated graphics performance and a sound base to build on.

The module decoration on each series is a nice touch.

2. HyperX

Built to best work with an overclocked system, HyperX Ram supplies some of the best gaming RAM available today.

Each of the four series – Savage, FURY, Predator, and Impact is available in DDR4 or DDR3. The Predator is particularly impressive, boasting speeds of up to 4000MHz with plug-and-play overclock compatibility.

The Impact range is specifically built for small format desktops and notebooks. Despite its size, it’ll still reach speeds of up to 2666MHz.

3. G.Skill

G.Skill brags about its low latency pretty often. We can’t really blame them.

When you’re battling to produce and supply the best gaming RAM on the market, latency is a key factor. Even a few microseconds can cost you a game, so you need your RAM to be super-responsive.

The Trident Z, Ripjaws and Flares series are very much worth looking into. You’ll note that G.Skill doesn’t compromise on fantastic appearances as much as it won’t compromise on sheer, brutal speed.

4. Corsair

Corsair is a huge name in computing, and for good reason. It’s known for producing exceptionally high-quality gaming products, from cases to cooling.

And of course, some of the best gaming RAM around. Its Vengeance series is a household name for PC gamers, and its top-spec Dominator series pushes out speeds of up to 3200MHz.

Corsair builds with precision and takes into account pretty much every factor to deliver stability and great performance. If you’re looking for a solid, reliable workhorse of a RAM module, this could be what you’re after.

5. Mushkin

With two decades of experience building RAM, Mushkin is another solid force.

Gamers will be particularly interested in its Stealth series, which run under the tagline ‘built to perform, developed to outperform’. We like the sound of that.

Muskin also offers a high end series of RAM called the Redline series.

Mushkin offers a lifetime warranty on its RAM modules, so you can rest assured that if anything goes even the tiniest bit wrong, the manufacturer will be there to lend a hand.

6. Kingston

Kingston is the largest independent memory manufacturer in the world.

And it’s been going for over 30 years now. That should put any doubts to bed about the quality of its products. It wouldn’t be here today if it didn’t make great parts.

It actually owns the HyperX series, which we talked about earlier. But if you’re a gamer it’s still worth looking into Kingston’s core products, as they can still be used for gaming PCs.

Highly-tested and system specific options mean that you can personalize your RAM choice to very particular needs. Which is brilliant if you’re using anything especially demanding or unusual in your gaming rig.

7. Black Diamond

Black Diamond creates high-speed and relatively affordable RAM. This could make it a good choice for a restricted budget, as you won’t need to compromise on memory speed.

It’s not the biggest name in gaming RAM options, but alternatives like these are always worth looking into when you’re shopping around.

You may find yourself pleasantly surprised by the quality you get for this price. DDR4 and DDR3 options are available.

8. Patriot

It’s not cheap, but it’s about as fast as you can currently hope for.

Watch games whoosh past with Patriot’s Viper Elite series sitting in your set-up. It’s built to take on the most demanding applications and games without an issue.

Patriot use quality build materials and its quality control program makes sure you can rely on every single module it puts into the market.

I’ve Got the Best Gaming RAM! What Now?

Besides great RAM, you’ll need a great graphics card, a fast hard drive, and other top-notch components.

These will give you an edge while you’re gaming – and it’ll still often be cheaper than gaming on a console.

We hope this has helped you to select the best gaming RAM for your battle station.

If you’re on a tighter budget, be sure to check out our guide to cheap gaming computers, or keep an eye on second-hand marketplaces for people selling off older iterations of any of the 8 we’ve named above.

You can also check out our budget conscious component builds to get a starting point to build your ultimate gaming system!

Now, onward to victory!