The Best Budget Gaming Mouse for MMOs

best budget gaming mouse

MMOs are great but you know what sucks? Playing MMOs with a low-quality mouse. Thankfully there are plenty of fantastic options if you are looking for a budget gaming mouse.

Faulty sensors, a sticky wheel, and frequent disconnections are all signs that it might just be time to get a new one.

It will come as no surprise to you that a high-quality mouse can actually improve your gaming experience and performance.

That’s why we have created this guide on how to choose a great gaming mouse without breaking the bank.

Let’s get to it!

Best Budget Gaming Mouse.

In no particular order here are some of our favorites.

1. Redragon Perdition

This bad boy comes armed with 18 programmable buttons and 5 user profiles making it a highly diverse piece of gear. The 18 buttons should cover all of your MMO needs and they can be adjusted to allow you to play faster and more efficiently.

The Redragon Perdition comes with an Avago laser sensor and Omron micro so you know you are still getting a quality, accurate mouse despite the low price.

You should never judge a book by its cover but we have to say that our favorite feature of this budget gaming mouse is its design.

With a couple of color options to choose from, the product designers did a fab job of creating something that looks professional and slick but not too overdone like many other mice on the market.

It has a nice grip and the option to fully customize the LED lighting and weights is a great feature to have.

Overall this is a great budget gaming mouse simply due to all the features it comes with as other mice with similar functions are easily double the price.

2. Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum.

Our most expensive mouse on the list is the legendary Logitech G502.

This is one of the most versatile mice on the market as it can be adjusted to suit your gaming needs. Whether it’s MMOs, RTS or FPS gaming, this mouse can handle it all.

The ergonomic design will help keep any aches and pains away while the grip will make sure you don’t slip up in the crucial moments of the game.

While there are only 11 programmable buttons we find them to be more accessible and usable than the Redragon Perdition (besides, very few MMO players NEED 18 buttons although it is nice to have the option.)

Not only can the weights be adjusted to your liking but the mouse wheel can be tuned to provide hard resistance or you can run it on an almost frictionless setting.

The Logitech software can detect what game you are playing and saves your specific mouse preferences to match the specific game. This is a great feature for gamers who play multiple games frequently.

This thing is that the Logitech G502 is built to last and may be a good investment as a gaming mouse instead of having to replace cheaper, low-quality models on a regular basis.

3. Redragon M601 Gaming Mouse

Now we are entering into the realm of a low-budget gaming mouse.

These are perfect for those of you who really don’t have a lot to spend on a mouse and just want something that will get the job done.

Let me introduce you to the Redragon M601.

A little brother of the Perdition, the M601 features a 2000 DPI which is actually faster than what most pro-gamers use (usually around 1800 dots per inch.) This means this mouse is FAST and able to keep up you as you play.

It’s designed well and has a robust build which helps improve the grip.

For most games, this is going to do the trick just fine, however, if you are in need of ultimate fine precise tracking then you may need to pass on this one.

4. Logitech G300s

While it may be a step down from the G502, the G300 series offered by Logitech are a huge contender in the running of the best budget gaming mouse.

This one comes with 9 programmable buttons – only 2 less than the G502 – and tracks well on a wide variety of surfaces.

One common factor people always comment about the Logitech G300 series is that the small symmetrical shape makes it a little difficult for gamers with larger hands to use but for everyone its a great fitting gaming mouse with a nice grip.

It is suited best for palm or claw grippers and can be tuned to match your desired responsiveness.

Again Logitech comes in on top again with their easy to use software which allows users to drag and drop their customizable programs easier to set up what shortcuts and settings they need.

It comes with 3 user profiles which are useful if you share a computer or if you play multiple MMOs/have multiple characters.

If you find that a budget gaming mouse doesn’t last long in your hands you should give this one a try. It has a robust build and Logitech boasts it will last up to 10 million clicks!

It comes with a 6 and a half feet rubber coated USB chord which should be able to stand the test of time and allow you to keep your current gaming setup.

Advice on buying the best budget gaming mouse.

It can be tempting to go for the lowest priced option in the name of keeping your costs down.

But at a point, you have to decide if spending some extra cash upfront will be a more worthwhile investment for your gaming experience and even your finances.

Typically speaking the higher quality the mouse is the longer they last. It’s best to experiment for yourself to see what works for you, what style/brands you like and how long they last for you (we all game differently.)

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