All Star Reviews: The Best Gaming Chairs on the Market

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Gaming is an immersive experience. Modern graphics and exceptional jumps in performance have gamers everywhere living out video games in surreal realism. Though not everyone has access to the equipment that makes the experience fully immersive.

Surround sound stereos aren’t getting cheaper, and long sessions can get uncomfortable even on the nicest couch. That’s where gaming chairs come into play. The chairs come with built-in sound and are ergonomically designed to ensure maximum comfort during even the longest gaming sessions.

But like anything else, there’s quite a bit of variation when it comes to gaming chairs. Not all chairs are worth the money, and it’s all too easy to roped into fancy advertising and end up with an inferior product.

So, to help you up your gaming experience we’re bringing you our list of the best available on the market.

Gaming Chairs 101

Not only are not all chairs created equal, but not all  even serve the same purpose. Setups for PC gaming and for console games differ quite a lot. In fact, the chairs usually don’t even look similar. Depending on your needs, the best gaming chairs for you will vary.

Computer Chairs

Think of PC chairs like office chairs. Sitting in an uncomfortable office chair can wreak havoc on your back, neck, arms, legs, and even wrist (from typing). People often get sitting related injuries from spending long hours in the office.

The same thing can happen from gaming. When you stop to think about it, PC gaming isn’t really that much different from sitting in an office chair. You’re engaging your wrists and forearms from typing and using a mouse (probably even more so than working in an office).

You’re also relying on the chair for back support. That back support makes a world of difference when you’re sitting for extended periods of time. Gaming especially stresses your back and as you’re usually tense from concentrating.

That’s why PC gaming chairs make a world of difference. They’re specially designed to support your back, neck, and arms to minimize injury and maximize comfort.

Let’s take a look at the best chairs on the market.

Merax Executive Racing Style Chair

The first chair on our list is the Merax executive chair. This chair is ergonomically designed to ensure that you’re getting the best support for extended gaming sessions. The neck and lumbar sections of the chair have extra padding to ensure your vulnerable areas get the support they need.

Also of note is the chair’s design. Unlike conventional office chairs, PC chairs can take liberties and offer visually appealing designs. The Merax racing chair takes advantage of this to the fullest, offering a gaming chair that just looks like it’s made to game.

Beyond looks and comfort, this chair comes equipped with a 360-degree swivel and extremely smooth rocker that allows the chair’s ergonomics to shine no matter what position you’re sitting.

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Openwheeler Advanced Racing Seat

Racing simulations are extremely popular with the PC gamers. Computers offer the extra power over consoles needed to accurately simulate the real driving experience. Advanced physics makes the virtual driving experience as close to an actual driving experience as you can get outside of a real car. But simulated racing isn’t complete with just an advanced physics engine.

Using a controller or keyboard will never fully simulate driving, and that’s where the Openwheeler shines. This gaming chair completes the immersion to fully simulate real-life driving. The chair comes with a steering wheel and pedal mounts that help the player feel like they’re truly racing.

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Gtracing Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Off all the gaming chairs we’ve reviewed, the Gtracing Ergonomic might just take our spot as the most comfortable. This chair comes equipped with lumbar and neck support, as well as sporting an ergonomic (the name doesn’t lie) design that helps you stay comfortable while you’re gaming. And our favorite part? The footrest.

Too many people don’t realize that staying “locked in place” so to speak while you’re gaming can cause pain in your legs. Your knees can even get sore from staying stationary for so long. The Gtracing’s footrest mitigates this problem by allowing gamers to stretch their legs and keep their blood moving during long sessions.

Continuing with its superior design, the Gtracing also features an adjustable backrest, headrest, armrests, and seat height. Beyond design, a durable PVC coating adds extra comfort and makes the chair easy to clean.

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The X-Rocker 5125401

Next up on our list is a PC gaming chair that shares many similarities with console chairs (you could argue this chair works equally well for either setup). Instead of featuring a wheeled base like our previous chairs, this chair sits on a stationary base. While it’s mostly preference, the stationary base is more of a console design.

The X-Rocker also borrows console chairs’ audio input. This chair features a Bluetooth connection that communicates with wireless transmitters to beam sound directly into the chair’s speakers. It also has an RCA input for older sound systems. As a bonus, the X-Rocker can also transmit audio back into the computer, serving as a chat option in multiplayer games.

In terms of design, the X-Rocker tilts and swivels on the fixed base. It doesn’t feature lumbar or neck support, but it does have a reclined posture that helps keep stress off your back during extended sessions.

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Vertagear Racing Series S-Line SL4000

The Vertagear Racing Series is designed specifically with PC players in mind. This chair’s main draw is its adjustable arms that help fine tune arm position to reduce stress during longer gaming sessions. What’s more, the chair also features an adjustable tilt feature that locks in position based on your preference. This can help keep weight off your feet and also find positions that take stress off of your back.

This chair also features an exceptionally high four-legged design on wheels. The extra height accentuates that tilt and lock function, giving gamers more tilt range to better adjust during gaming marathons.

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Console Chairs

If PC chairs are like office chairs, console chairs are more akin to recliners. They’re lower to the ground, features all the “fancy” add-ons, and typically prioritize style of comfort. That’s not to say they aren’t comfortable, but rather that they’re suited for a relaxed gaming style. After all, the controller setup is significantly more relaxing than a mouse and keyboard.

But gaming chair design does help gamers stay comfortable. A reclined but firm design keeps gamers from sinking into the chair; something that’s very common on most sofas. The same reclined design also helps encourage relaxed play. Tensing too much can cause overuse or stress-related injuries.

Between design and immersion console gaming chairs have just as much value as PC gaming chairs. Let’s take a look at the best console gaming chairs money can buy.

X-Rocker 5171401

Another X-Rocker though this time in the console market, the 5171401 makes a solid console gaming chair. The chair features a digital control panel that allows for adjusting volume, the built-in speakers, and subwoofer. It’s conveniently located down on the right-hand side with a prominent volume knob for no-look adjusting.

What’s more, this chair also features a low to the ground, rocking design that’s made to facilitate maximum comfort. The chair’s curve provides natural support for the upper and lower back, while the rocking motion allows for slight adjustments is posture during gameplay.

Though the 5171401 really shines with its breathable mesh fabric that prevents excess heat during longer gaming sessions. Many console gaming chairs get hot over extended periods of time. Sometimes due to bad fabric and others due to overheating from electric components. This X-Rocker mitigate those problems with its mesh material.

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X-Rocker Pro Series Pedestal 2.1

Yet again, X-Rocker makes another appearance on our list (can you see a pattern developing?). The Pro Series Pedestal 2.1 is the holy grail of rocker-style chairs. This chair combines the curved style of the above console X-Rocker with the stable base of the PC gaming X-Rocker. And like the PC gaming X-Rocker mentioned in the first section, this chair could also work for both console and PC players.

The Pro Series X-Rocker takes console chair gaming to the next level with a mixture of style and substance. This chair features two speakers and a subwoofer, both driven by a wireless transmitter that can both receive and output audio. This means you can have in-game sound combined with headset-replacing functionality, all from the X-Rocker. And in case you’re not all wireless, this model also features RCA ports for wired sound.

In terms of design, this chair offers a straight back to help you keep proper posture while gaming, as well as a rocking and swiveling base that allows for freedom of motion.

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Big Joe Dorm Chair

Every list needs an outlier, and here’s ours. The Big Joe dorm chair isn’t like any other gaming chair on the list. It’s not designed to prevent stress injuries, it doesn’t have built-speakers, and it isn’t on a rocker. So, what’s so special about this chair? Well, it’s just so comfortable. It’s a recliner meets gaming chair that does let you sink into the chair.

This chair is really for the casual gamer who’s looking to relax as much as possible while they game the night away. There are side pockets to store snacks, controllers, and more. The chair is also double stitched, and lightweight enough to drag from room to room.

What’s more, this gaming chair also stands out for its price. Coming in at $30 it’s by far the cheapest chair on our list.

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X-Rocker 5129001 2.0

Last but not least on our list of gaming chairs is yet another X-Rocker chair. While still very much a console gaming chair designed with ergonomics in mind, this chair takes a more relaxed approach to gaming. A “Big Joe” like reclined design has comfort take center stage without sacrificing functionality.

The reclined design retainers the other X-Rockers’ curves for better back support while this time also offering an extremely large seating area. It’s spacious enough to move around and stay comfortable during long

gaming sessions. The low to the ground design also helps promote relaxation when the gaming gets stressful.

Like the other X-Rockers on our gaming chairs list, this chair comes equipped with two speakers and a subwoofer. Wireless transmission is also standard here and functions the same way as the other X-Rockers. Full sound immersion helps keep you in the game when you’ve been playing for longer periods of time.

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Where to Find the Best Gaming Chairs

Shopping for gaming chairs means shopping around. Specialty game stores often raise prices for hard-to-find items. It makes sense from a business perspective but does make it more difficult to shop for the best chairs around. So, make sure you’re shopping around as much as possible. Sometimes big box stores like Target or Walmart will carry the above chairs, and even run discounts on them. Amazon is always a great place to start your search.

Though beyond price, make sure you’re buying the best gaming chair for your needs. This means prioritizing what you’re looking for. Are you using the chair for relaxed gaming? Are you using it for intense PC gaming? What about racing? The best chair for you depends on what type of gamer you are. There’s something different for everyone.

What’s more, you don’t have to stop at one gaming chair. Many people are both PC and console gamers, which means they might benefit from owning a gaming chair for both types of play.

Though no matter what kind of gaming you’re doing, a gaming chair is always an excellent choice.

If you’re looking for more gaming reviews and the very best in PC-gaming related news, continue following our blog. We strive to provide the ultimate resource for gamers to stay informed. Let us help you stay in the loop on not only gaming chairs, but everything gaming related, like consoles, computers, and other equipment. Also, check out our review of the best lapboards

So until next time, good luck chair shopping, and of course, happy gaming.